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Winter Magic (Ice and Flame Book 1)

Between college and her part-time job, Faye Winter has enough on her plate. When she is forced to look after her ten-year-old niece, Amy, she makes do as best she can.

Living together, Faye quickly realizes that Amy is a very special child as strange magical phenomena begin to occur in her apartment.

With fire-hurling strangers hunting them, a mysterious man who claims to only want to help, Faye and Amy must rely on each other to stay alive, to save themselves, and possibly, the world.

Winter Magic

Winter Solace (Ice and Flame Book 2)

After escaping Hell, Faye, Amy and Khael come home to Faye’s devastated home town. It’s the only place she’s ever known and after all they have been through, it’s a blow to her confidence on any chance that they can win against the demons.

Khael insists they move on from there, since the demons know that Faye will return. In their travels, the group realizes they are being followed. A mysterious man reveals himself having escaped Hell on their coattails. Khael is cautious, but knows that they need all the help they can get.

As the team grows, so does the impending threat to humanity. Faye and Amy feel the weight of responsibility and seriousness of their mission and grow up quickly. Among secrets and lies, the girls must find a way to become the heroes they are meant to be.

Winter Solace

Cursed (Codex of Enchantment Book 1)

As an intern librarian at the New York Public Library, Penelope Harp gets to work with the thing she loves most: books.

When she is transferred to the rare manuscripts division, she makes a startling discovery. She comes across an ancient tome, purported to be written in an unknown language, yet Penelope can read it just fine.

Inadvertently opening a portal to Hell, she must act fast to close it before Earth is overrun. But her tome is only one of three, with the other two opening portals of their own on the other side of the world. Penelope must travel to the British Library in London and the National Library of France, in Paris, to complete the ritual before it's too late.



Briana Snow writes urban fantasy.
Winter Magic is her debut novel, and the first book in the Ice and Flame series.

Keep an eye out for the next book, coming soon.

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